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Culture News Roundup: The Trews About British Gas

Culture News Roundup: The Trews About British Gas

british-gas-sloganTo begin on a depressingly unsurprising note, British Gas’s slogan ‘looking after your world’ may have turned out to be a lie. I know, shocking. Not only do they seem to be looking after our world by maintaining bonuses for themselves and factually destroying the planet, but – if recent whistle-blower claims are to be believed – offering bonuses to staff who sold the most expensive deals to charities and small businesses. Never has living by candlelight seemed more appealing. . .

Daytime TV bully Jeremy Kyle came under fire this week for not doing enough to spare the feelings of a ‘humiliated’ 17 year-old on the show. It is as if the British public has only just woken up to the idea that putting poor people on display and having them humiliated on national television in an exchange for solutions to their private struggles is, just maybe, slightly unethical – at least this once.

Although you might not be aware, the Russell Brand revolution has been rumbling on since the infamous Paxman interview last year. Indeed, Russell is 39 short episodes into his own ‘Trews’ (true news) on his YouTube channel. The episodes see the actor/comedian go through newspapers telling the real meaning behind the news. It is well worth a watch and is both didactic and funny, laced with Brand’s usual wit and vast diction.

Brand has also recently donated much of the money he received for successfully suing The Sun newspaper to Justice for the 96 campaign surrounding the Hilsborough disaster. He described the act on Twitter as a ‘little piece of justice’.

Neil Young has released a surprise covers album on Jack White’s Third Man Records. The album went on sale April 18th with no announcement made. The album, A Letter Home, features covers of songs by the likes of Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen and the Everly Brothers.

In an even more bizzarre turn of events, Prince has re-signed to Warner Bros and released his first single since the deal on the evening of April 18th called The Breakdown.

To top it all off, The Libertines have posted a photograph of Hyde Park on their official Facebook page, sparking speculation that the band are set to reunite for a gig at the iconic venue. It seems 2014 is to be a year of surprises in the Music industry

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