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Culture News Roundup: Sympathy for the Devil

Culture News Roundup: Sympathy for the Devil

l-wren-scottMonday 17th March brought with it the tragic and untimely death of L’Wren Scott. Scott was found dead in her Manhatten apartment having hung herself around 10.00am. The fashion designer has had success with acclaimed womenswear ranges, styled many a Hollywood celebrity and worked as a designer and consultant for several major films. Scott was also the partner of Sir Mick Jagger, who has released a statement saying that he is ‘shocked’ and ‘devestated’. The Rolling Stones immediately flew back from Australia, where they were preparing for the next leg of their ‘14 on Fire’ tour, to help support Mick and L’Wren’s family. The Australian dates have been rescheduled for October.

Sticking with the cheerful topic of suicide, Seattle police have released two new images from Kurt Cobain’s death. With the 20th anniversary of the Nirvana frontman’s suicide coming up in April, police thought it a good idea to review the case rather than look like idiots when the inevitible questions come flying in. However, the detective who had this lucky job instead found four rolls of undeveloped film, which probably makes them look even more stupid. Nevertheless, the photographs bring no new information to light and the death ruling of suicide still stands.

Getting gradually lighter in subject matter, this week it was announced that Kate Bush would be making her live return in Hammersmith at London’s Eventhim Apollo, playing a string of fifteen shows from 26th August until 19th September. These shows will mark the first time the singer has performed live since 1979 so it’s a pretty big deal. Tickets go on sale Friday 28th March.

Finally, on a quite frankly hilarious note, it has come to light that David Cameron has been paying for Facebook friends. Most of us wont be surprised to find a Tory thinking that money can buy him friends and happiness, but the other political parties were quick to start pointing fingers and laughing. It’s all quite pathetic really, squabbling over Facebook ‘Likes’ as if they are on a school playground. It just goes to show how little they understand the social media platform, too. I don’t know about you, but I’m friends with quite a few people on Facebook I wouldn’t vote for…

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