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Culture News Roundup: Scotland’s One Direction

Culture News Roundup: Scotland’s One Direction

scottish-flagBritain’s weather, which is still yet to improve after months, has rekindled the issue of climate change. The political playground is rife with Ed Miliband saying the words ‘climate change’ more often than your average climate scientist. The words leave his mouth as clumbsily as ever though, and you can’t help but think he cares more about saving Labour and damaging the Tories than he does about the planet. Meanwhile, he has a point: pompous liar David Cameron was whipping out the slogan ‘vote blue, go green’ a few years ago, before promptly employing a climate change skeptic as an environment minister and slashing green subsidies. This makes him a bit of a tosser, I think we can all agree.

Meanwhile, despite the UK seeming (and looking) like a disaster zone at the moment, Scotland are learning thick and fast that they will be in big trouble without us. Alex Salmond, who appears to have been doing little more than twidling his thumbs since his cry for independence, has been told by the three main political parties in Britain that they will absolutely not strike a currency union. This would leave Scotland without the good old sterling, which four fifths of Scots want to retain. This is a massive blow made even worse by being flatly told that they would find it almost impossible to join the EU. So perhaps a little too much independence for Scotland then.

To make matters worse for Salmond, even David Bowie has rather bizzarely joined the debate. In one of the most predictible award ceremonies I have ever seen, Bowie’s speech was the opposite. Not present to accept the award himself (obviously – he’s David Bowie), Kate Moss accepted the award on his behalf describing winning the Brit for Best Male as ‘a great way to end the day’, which I thought was rather funny, adding ‘Scotland, stay with us’.

Arctic Monkeys and One Direction were the big winners at the awards, with the former picking up gongs for Best Album and Best British Group. Alex Turner himself made a speech laced with arrogance and attitude about the state of Rock n Roll before dropping the mic. It almost reminded me of the days when the Brits were about Britpo rivalries and avoiding a pissed up Liam Gallagher somehow. Reverting back to such drama may not be such a bad idea either, given that this year’s ceremony received the lowest views in the 21st Century for the famous bash. Oh well, at least Jake Bugg didn’t win anything . . . Hmm, David Bowie or Jake Bugg for Best Male? If only our politicians were faced with such simple decisions.

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