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Culture News Roundup: Rising Damp

Culture News Roundup: Rising Damp

cornwall-stormsOnce again the news is filled predominently with figures ranging from Prince Charles to David Cameron telling us that the weather still hasn’t improved. This would normally be a fairly uninteresting observation for early February, but Britain has been hit with apocalyptic bad weather of late with the Environment secretary Owen Paterson proving that he is not only skeptical about climate change, but also about other things in life, such has how to do his job.

Cornwall was struck by severe storms all week, Porthleven, Newlyn and Penzance being particularly badly hit. As a result one of Britain’s most celebrated railway lines, along the Dawlish sea wall (designed and built by Isambard Kingdom Brunel) has been all but destroyed, cutting off a large portion of the south of England via train. This should serve as a plea to the government to scrap the increasingly costly and continually ridiculous plans for HS2 and instead turn their focus to sorting out Britain’s existing rail network.

As a testement to the Cornish, they haven’t moaned about the storms (described by one resident as ‘like living in a washing machine’) anywhere near as much as Londoners have given their 2 cents about the Tube strike. Shockingly, it turns out that most people find it incredibly inconvenient.

But if you thought it was just humans who were getting the shitty end of the stick this year, think again. A Danish Zoo recently put down a perfectly healthy Giraffe – despite a petition –  and fed it to the Lions, literally. Luckily, Prince William has come to the rescue by launching a wildlife appeal. Well, at least his gesture might have had some clout, had the Prince not gone for a leisurely hunting trip to Spain shooting Wild Boar and Deer immediately before launching the campaign. Unfortunate timing would be a kind way of putting it. Morrissey’s opinion on this will no doubt follow shortly . . .

From one extreme weather to another, the Sochi Winter Olympics in Russia are underway and Britain already have a medal. Jenny Jones excelled in the women’s snowboard snowstyle event to claim a bronze medal, the first a Brit has ever won on snow.

In music news, Prince has returned to England rather slyly, performing secret shows across London including two shows in one night at London’s Electric Ballroom. Those at the front managed to get a ticket for just £10, even if they did have to endure a somwhat uncertain wait.

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