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Culture News Roundup: Happy Monday

Culture News Roundup: Happy Monday

09028_Image_08With the state of politics being what it is, anybody might as well have a go. This seems to be exactly what Bez from the Happy Mondays thought right before he started up his own political premise called The Reality Party and began to run in the local elections for Salford. As ridiculous as it sounds, I would probably vote for him. From what I can gather, all of his policies and beliefs revolve around taking care of our planet and animals. What’s wrong with that? He even went to an anti-fracking protest in Barton Moss the other day claiming he was going to shake his maracas at the frackers. Definitely got my vote.

Bez may even grab a few more votes with the Tories talking of banning onshore wind farms, most of which are turned off during storms as they produce too much power. TOO MUCH POWER: ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! Like I said, anyone might as well have a go.

Saturday 5th April marked the 20-year anniversary of Kurt Cobain’s death, with worldwide tributes being paid to the late star. One can expect many an anniversary article from the press this year as many an anniversary comes our way in 2014. Definitely Maybe by Oasis turns 20 this year, it’s 30 years since the first Smiths effort and The Cure’s masterful romantic nightmare Disintegration hits the quarter of a century mark, to name a few.

The latter have recently completed two nights at the Royal Albert Hall as part of the Teenage Cancer Trust shows. The band played a mammoth 45 song set both nights, which came under fire from the Guardian who claimed the show was too long. Robert Smith took to The Cure’s Facebook page stating: ‘WHEN WE GO TO SEE AN ARTIST WE ARE FANS OF, WE DON’T WANT THE PERFORMANCE TO END… THAT’S WHAT BEING A FAN MEANS… ISN’T IT? WE HAD TWO FANTASTIC NIGHTS, PLAYING TO GREAT CROWDS FOR A WONDERFUL CHARITY… THE GUARDIAN ‘REVIEW’ WAS SAD BITTER JUNK’

Finally, Glastonbury Festival released 87 artists that will be playing at the Worthy Farm bash in June. Kasabian will join Arcade Fire in headlining the Pyramid stage on Sunday, with Saturday’s headliner to be announced in May due to contractual reasons. Other artists playing the festival include Jack White, Robert Plant, The Black Keys and Pixies. If you haven’t got a ticket to the festival yet you can still try your luck on the re-sales on April 24th and 27th.

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