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national-poetry-dayStarting with some brighter culture news and 2nd October brought with it National Poetry Day 2014, the loose theme this year being Remember. NPD has been running since 1999, each year having a theme to kick start imagination. Poetry was unleashed on to the real and digital worlds with schools, newspapers, supermarkets and many other institutions getting involved; the general public tweeted using the hashtag #thinkofapoem. Although it’s lovely to have a day to raise awareness of poetry, poems can stay with you forever (hence the memory theme) so it’s never too late to search for the hastags and inspiration to celebrate poetry all year round. Courtesy of the Forward Arts Foundation.


After complaining of stomach pains, Manchester United Chairman Sir Bobby Charlton found himself reluctantly bundled into an ambulance to get checked over following a game of Golf in Scotland. The 76 year old was later released from Ninewells Hospital in Dundee without concern.

Jeremy Clarkson has got himself into trouble yet again by driving around Argentina with a number plate the Argentine government perceived to be offensive. The plate was: ‘H982 FKL’, which the BBC claim to be an ‘unfortunate coincidence’. Perhaps less of an unfortunate coincidence that Clarkson has been such a blatant racist and misogynist for so long that few believe him.

It is not just Clarkson who is dishonest in this country though; apparently we all like to tell a few porkys. In a recent drug survey by the Guardian, they ‘discovered’ that 41% of Britons spend £0 on alcohol per month. I’m going to call BS on that one…

Scientific discussion this week has focused on a rock a few billion miles away from us called Pluto. Is it a planet? Well, it was generally acknowledged to be prior to it’s unceremonious demotion to Dwarf Planet recently, voted for by a mere fraction of the astrological community. This week however, we have decided that it is a planet again. Well, sort of. It is still a dwarf planet, but why should a dwarf planet be treated differently? According to the Harvard Smithsonian blog, ‘a dwarf fruit tree is still a fruit tree’. It’s political correctness gone mad, I tell you…

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