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Culture News Roundup: Gary Barlow Takes That, And Everything Else

Culture News Roundup: Gary Barlow Takes That, And Everything Else

gary-barlowDespite appearing on TV to cast a swift moral judgement on Jimmy Carr for his ‘particularly egregious’ failings when it comes to keeping his taxes in order, David Cameron has said that it is not absolutely essential for Gary Barlow to pay back the money he owes to us (for it is our money). Apparently Barlow does a lot for our country, you see. Maybe that’s the new tax loophole from ‘Offshore Dave’ (as he is known in some high powered circles) – form a crap boy band, appear on Children in Need a couple of times and VOILÀ! Tax free, baby!

It would be wrong of me to be too hard on old Dave, though. With the run up to the 2015 general election now well under way, our political spectrum seems to resemble a school playground full of annoying children as opposed to a group of people who seem like they could be trusted in charge of the country. UKIP represent the small group of narrow minded racists who judge on the superficial and irrelevant; the snobbish grammar school kids who look down their nose at you because you have less money than them are, of course, the Conservatives; and finally the ineffectual kids who watch others get bullied but are too scared to do anything (Labour). The Lib Dems are those who you used to think were your mates, but now they are hanging around with the big dogs, only throwing you a cursory glance when nobody else is looking.

As a nation Britain has also rather oddly become bothered by establishments serving halal meat without pointing this out to the British public. I’m not sure if some believe this erodes British culture, or if they are simply racist. The fact surely remains that there is no ‘kind’ way to kill a living creature. You could fellatio an animal to death or slit it’s throat and the outcome will be the same. Halal is no competition for your friendly neighbourhood abattoir, it seems.

Roy Hodgson has selected his 23-man England football squad to take to the World Cup in Rio next month. Hodgson has picked a mostly young squad backed up by the experience of players such as Joe Hart, Steven Gerrard and Glen Johnson. The omission of Ashley Cole forced him to tweet his retirement from International football.

In other football news, Manchester City won the English Premier League for the second time, after missing out to United last year. Arsenal ended their nine-year spell without a trophy to win the FA Cup after coming from two goals down to beat Hull City 3-2 in extra time.

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