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Culture News Roundup: From Boris Johnson To The First Ever All-Female Art Talk Show

Culture News Roundup: From Boris Johnson To The First Ever All-Female Art Talk Show

touching-the-art-seriesThe Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, has finally admitted what the public has long suspected, that he would like to rejoin politics. This writer thinks he is a blithering idiot but one thing that Mr. Johnson must be respected for is his ability to appeal both to the young voters, but also to the older ones (particularly the right wing voters, whom the Prime Minister will worry might turn to UKIP). In what shape or form he is going to return is not yet known. But if Mr. Cameron loses the general election next year he will probably resign, leaving Mr. Johnson able to launch a formidable leadership campaign.

The city of London, of which Mr. Johnson is Mayor, is (much like Mr. Johnson) in a bit of an aesthetic dilemma. The rising number of skyscrapers being planned and built threatens to ruin the view of Westminster, or even remove it completely, from the south of the Thames. Unesco (a UN Watchdog) intended to put Westminster on its list of endangered heritage, but has delayed the decision until next February, to the fury of campaigners. Somewhat embarrassing for the government perhaps, that their lack of environmental awareness has lead them to block out their own windows.

Analysis on academic research of music videos has shown that they are mostly sexist and racist and, as a result, viewers are more likely to adopt these attitudes themselves. Shocker. I’m sure that if the academic researchers had to press a button every time a woman was sexually exploited in a pop video they’d have repetitive strain injury.

Comedian Casey Jane Ellison has created the first ever all-female art talk show. Talking strictly about art, Ellison has created something that is distinctly different from everything else, at times insightful, others hilarious, but always awkward. I’d recommend it for both men and women to watch right now over at and rest assured there’s more on the way.

Sorry ladies, but the football season is back (bit of casual sexism for you there. I know some women like football too but how pedantic are we going to get?) Sunday’s annual Community Shield match was won comfortably by Arsenal after defeating Manchester City 3-0, as good a start to their season as they could hope for. The Premier Leauge kicks off this weekend with Aresnal, Chelsea, Liverpool and Manchester United all in action.

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