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British actress Emma Watson wowed the UN and worldwide media this fortnight with a moving speech on gender inequality. Watson spoke of the HeForShe campaign to end gender inequality, pointing out that men also suffer from gender stereotypes, and too often feminism is synonymous with ‘man-hating’. The speech earned the actress a standing ovation from the hall, and videos of her speech have gone viral on the Internet.

From one plea to move our culture and society forward to another, the People’s Climate March took place globally on Sunday 21st September. Leonardo DiCaprio has been appointed a climate change ambassador by the UN, in a hope that his celebrity status will add more clout to their goals. Estimates put numbers at 40,000 turning out in London, 400,000 in NYC, and thousands more across the world.

British fans have raised £90,000 in the hope of bringing their favourite band, Foo Fighters, to Birmingham to play a gig. Over half way to their £150,000 goal already, fans are raising my money by donating £50 (one ticket) to the cause. The fans cite ticket touting, and tickets selling out in three minutes online as the main reason for the campaign, which shifts the power back to the fans.

A Banksy artwork, Leopard and Barcode, was assumed gone after it went missing during building work in Bristol in 2010. That was until it was brought into a school in Nailsea by an unamed teacher who had kept it wrapped in a blanket underneath his bed for four years. It is not yet known what will become of the work. The piece is thought to have been created in 1999 or 2000, making it one of his earliest sketches.

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