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Culture News: No Pom Pom, and Little Cheer

Culture News: No Pom Pom, and Little Cheer

pom-pom-stackAs I write this on Sunday morning, Britain resembles the traditional sabbath ritual of a car boot sale. The government’s ‘Everything-must-go’ attitude (which, by the way, is so characteristic of the Tories it hurts) to cut their debts is tiring to say the least. Royal Mail was flogged in late 2013 following efforts to try and sell our forests in 2011, and now the government is looking to ‘non financial’ assets such as subsoil resources, buildings and land in order to raise cash. Wonderful.

Britain’s housing is a whole other problem in itself anyway. In fact, if the cost of groceries had risen at the same level as the price of housing since 1971, a chicken would set you back around £51! All the ‘Help to Buy’ schemes in the world wont outweigh that shameful statistic.

Now, on to the weather! The weather recently has been extremely wet, even by our standards. Some 700,000 homes have been temporarily without electricity, 1,700 homes were flooded and landmarks such as the Pom Pom Stack in Dorset have been obliterated by strong Atlantic waves. It is about time we begun to accept this and prepare for it better. We have been told for years now that as the effects of Global Warming and Climate Change take hold, our storms will become more severe. Disrespect the planet, and the planet will disrespect you. And just to make you even happier with our current government, they are said to have cut the cash for flood defences by around 15%. Nice of them.

In other news, fruit juice should no longer be classified as one of your ‘five-a-day’ according to Susan Jebb, a government advisor on obesity. Factually, fruit juice contains as much sugar as most soft drinks, and consumers would be better off eating a real piece of fruit instead. Of course, if you do indulge in fruit juice, let it never be from concentrate.

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Wednesday 8th January saw the conclusion of ‘London Collections: Men’. The autumn/winter 2014 series brought 130 designers,  £40 million in media revenue, and international press and buyers from 37 countries to three venues in London last week. The event showcases the finest in fashion design for the ever-growing mens fashion industry. The conclusions reached from the event however seem a bit redundant. Black is back!! Erm, did it ever really go anywhere? Or are my black skinny jeans light years ahead of their time? Nevertheless the event held plenty of atmosphere and mood, with more mist and dry ice than a Cure concert. Some interesting clothes were spotted I imagine…

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