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Culture News: Give Us Our Daily Bread, But Not Our Daily Mail.

Culture News: Give Us Our Daily Bread, But Not Our Daily Mail.

The-Daily-Mail– Ed Miliband has got to be one of the most mundane politicians of the 20th Century. He just never seems to have an edge, never seems particularly passionate, and certainly doesn’t appear to be the knight-in-shining-armour to rescue our beloved nation from David Cameron’s reign of misery (and we all prefer his brother).

That being said, rarely does one form an opinion strong enough to hate Miliband; that is unless you’re the Daily Mail who launched an unashamedly hateful tirade against Miliband’s Father, dubbing him the ‘Man who hated Britain’. This is an interesting angle from a paper that sympathised with the Nazi party and seems to hate almost everything. Nevertheless it has seen Ed Miliband move and talk more passionately than he ever has before, and the public appears to be on his side (again, like never before). In a YouGov poll conducted on behalf of the Sunday Times, 72% of the public think the Daily Mail was wrong to publish the article and refuse to issue an apology, and 57% of Daily Mail readers even thought so (I enjoy that the latter seem to be categorised as a separate breed of human).

– Meanwhile, whilst protestors were making their thoughts known outside the Daily Mail offices this weekend, there were similar scenes outside the Russian Embassy in London, with 800 supporters of the detained Greenpeace activists campaigning against a possible 15 year Russian prison sentence. Vivienne Westwood was among the supporters.

– Contrary to my last column, not all news is quite so bleak and boring, you just have to find the right stuff. A perfect example of this comes in the unlikely form of Snoop Dogg (or Lion as he’s now known) congratulating a Welsh Farmer on growing the biggest swede ever recorded by inviting him backstage at his Cardiff gig for tips on growing large ‘vegetables’ and, of course, to have a smoke with him. Now, I’m aware that this incident happened a while ago, but it bizarrely started trending again this week, and rightly so in my opinion. We should dig this story up every 3-6 months depending on the dire state of the world, just to remind everyone that the world is equal parts tragic and hilarious.

– With all the chaos in the country at the moment, Britons seem to be going back to basics in lots of ways, one of which is a newfound interest in artisan bread. Record numbers are enrolling in bread making courses, the ‘Real Bread Campaign’ now has 2,000 members and 15% of total bread sales are now through in-store bakeries. Even David Cameron has unmasked himself as a secret baker (not the best advertisement for bread, but never mind). So the next time it all seems a bit much, chill out and make some bread. That’s what the rest of us are doing and it’s delightful.

– Oh, and Moondance by Van Morrison has been re-mastered, sounding better than ever before. You should definitely buy it and listen to it while you’re making your bread, because it’s easily one of the best albums to ever come out of Britain, then donate some money to Greenpeace. If we all do this, there might be more hilarious news to digest with our sourdough next time.

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