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Culture News: Only Fools and Horses

Culture News: Only Fools and Horses

BRIT-Awards-2014-Most of the time the news can be pretty drab and miserable (to say the least) but every now and again something comes along to remind you that the world really is quite a funny place; unless you’re Dappy from N-Dubz that is. Arguably the most useless person in the music industry, Dappy, has recently been hospitalised after being kicked in the face by a horse. Following this, the ever-witty British public have already started a petition calling for the horse to win the Outstanding Contribution to Music gong at the Brit Awards. It’s over on currently and, in my opinion at least, is well worth signing! Katy Perry and the Arctic Monkeys (and hopefully the horse) will be performing live at the ceremony next year. Meanwhile, Arctic Monkeys have sold out their biggest shows to date, scheduled to take to the stage at Finsbury Park in May.

Unfortunately, you have to take the rough with the smooth sometimes, and while Dappy is busy horsing around, Ian Watkins has been, ousted as such an appalling human being that you’d sooner have Gary Glitter as your screensaver than ever listen to a Lost Prophets song again. HMV have removed all Lost Prophets albums from their shelves in the light of Ian’s self-confessed crimes against humanity, a small but appreciated silver lining.

It all begins to make Nigella Lawson smashing the odd line of cocaine here and there a bit of a non-issue, luckily for her.

On a positive note, at last all of the Greenpeace activists that were arrested by armed Russian gunmen have been released. Dubbed the ‘Arctic 30’, the activists had been held in Russian prisons since their ship, Arctic Sunrise, was taken hostage.

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