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Following the breakdown of her marriage to Jack, former personal trainer and amateur fighter Danny Cleary opted for a different way of life: wasting her days away on the couch smoking crack. She now gets through life one day at a time, only caring about how she’ll acquire the money to pay for her next high. The shocking news of her twin sister’s death gives her the wake-up call she desperately needs.

Danny is ashamed of the person she’s turned into and compares herself to her twin, Ginger. She was married to Fred, the love of her life, had two wonderful sons and an affluent lifestyle in Orange County. Danny, on the other hand, has turned into a shadow of her old self because of Jack’s declining mental health. Danny learns that Ginger was found dead from a heroin overdose in a cheap motel room, and she knows something dodgy is going on.

Consumed by anger and a dangerous desire for revenge, Danny and her brother Darren vow to kill whoever cut Ginger’s life short. The police believe Fred murdered his wife, but Danny and Darren have a gut feeling that they’ve made a grave mistake. Trying to conduct her own research (not to mention get high) under the noses of watchful detectives proves tricky, but Danny is sneaky, resourceful and gutsy enough for the task.cracked-book-coverThe situation is complicated further after Danny discovers someone has stolen her identity and hears accounts of an elusive woman who looks exactly like her. There’s another family just as loyal as the Clearys who are seeking revenge of their own. This turns into something much bigger than a quest to find out why Ginger was killed, and Danny realises there’s way more at stake than she bargained for. She may not be at her physical or mental peak, but Danny is nonetheless a force to be reckoned with, especially when the lives of her family are in danger.

Cracked is the dramatic first installment of what will be an action-packed trilogy. Although the story is full of surprises and unpredictable characters, the plot is incoherent at times and the dialogue seems too artificial. However, Danny is a snarky, self-loathing yet enjoyable heroine, which is what makes this violent thriller captivating.


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