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Company of Heroes 2 fans will now be able return to battle on the Western Front, in the first available content offering for the game, Company of Heroes 2: The Western Armies, SEGA has announced
company-of-heroes-01The Western Front Armies DLC contains two new armies, allowing players to fights as either the German Oberkommando West, or the most requested army since Company of Heroes 2 launched, the US Forces.

Each army features new infantry, team weapons, vehicles, abilities and upgrades, as well as distinctive tactical gameplay options, reflective the characteristics of the original armies. Both armies have also been carefully balanced to ensure fun and fair game play when battling new and previously released armies.
Relic games has announced that each of the new factions are available as either a standalone digital download or together in the Western Front Armies bundle, and will not require the base single player copy for players to access the online multiplayer.

“We’ve looked at it as a really accessible, affordable entry point for the whole franchise,” said director Quinn Duffy. “It gives everybody an exposure to everything. It doesn’t separate our player pool – we want to make sure the player pool is really big – we don’t have Eastern front servers and Western front servers.”

Regardless of which new content the player owns, they will be able to join the war via auto-match multiplayer and battle across all 31 multiplayer maps, along with the 1000 community made maps uploaded to the Steam workshop.

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