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Community Season 5, Episode 9 Recap

Community Season 5, Episode 9 Recap

‘VCR Maintenance And Educational Publishing’

My heart has officially melted. Abed and his new girlfriend Rachel are the cutest couple since Beauty and her Beast playing in the snow, and after last week’s episode where we got a bit closer to Abed, the urge to hug him is reaching critical levels. Everybody go ‘Nawwww’.

But before we get too comfortable, what would an onscreen romance be without at least some drama. This week we jet back to the 90s to play a VCR game (I think I missed something here – did they even exist?) but the stakes are higher than either Annie’s brother or Rachel realise. With Troy gone, Annie and Abed need a new roommate and, in true illogical fashion, they’ve chosen the best way to select one without creating parallel timelines is using the game.


Of course, with the two most intense characters out of the study group locked in fierce competition, this was never going to end well, and Abed ends up apologising the only way he knows how – through the medium of film reference in the ‘rain’.

Meanwhile, the rest of the group stumbles across a haul of old chemistry textbooks allegedly worth a considerable amount of money. What follows is a mafia-like power tussle between the group, with Shirley yet again coming out on top. The writers of this season seem determined to shift the power balance towards the previous push-over and prove she’s more of a bad-ass, but we have yet to be given a motive, and it’s all just a bit odd.

In other news, who knew the Dean had a gangster rapper hidden away inside of him? He should definitely give up the day job.

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