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‘Bondage and Meta Sexuality’

The British are poorly represented in American sit-coms – and Community is just as guilty as the rest of them.

If we’re not sat around drinking tea or discussing how our bloodlines link back to the Royal family, then we’re saving the American’s asses or, in this horrifying case, trying to seduce Britta in the creepiest way possible.

Professor Duncan has decided for some obscure reason, that he stands a chance with Britta and has employed smooth-talker and ex-boyfriend Jeff Winger to help him in his conquest.

Community - Season 1

The result? Britta is lured to a fundraiser for starving children with cleft palettes, bumps into all her old campaigning friends who help transport her back to her radical self and Jeff unintentionally falls for her confident independence again.

However, being radical is a game for the young, something Britta is reluctant to admit, and she soon realises that in order to make a change in the world you first have to sell out to the corporations to make enough money to do so. Naturally, this means that they’re not the same people they were 10 years ago and Britta ends up crushed and disheartened by people who are supposed to be her friends – another fantastic life lesson courtesy of Community.

Besides all these peripheral stories, the core story revolves around a fight between Hickie and Abed where Hickie does something no-one has dared do in the last five seasons – refuse to make allowances for Abed’s mental issues. This not only highlights how fundamental Troy has been in Abed’s life and his role as protector, but in challenging Abed we get the deepest insight into his mind that we have ever been allowed – and it’s extraordinary; a real honour to behold. It might even be the most beautiful moment of Community so far, and I can’t help but love Abed even more.

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