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‘Basic Sandwich’

So here we go team – the last Community recap ever. But hold your tears, it’s a good one. If this truly is the end, we can at least take solace that they went out with a bang.

We rejoin Greendale Community College as they race against the clock to find a way to snatch the school from the grubby fingers of evil sandwich super-giants Subway (and after five seasons I’m still at a total loss as to whether they’re paying for this product placement – it’s not exactly flattering).

Legend has it that computer genius Russell Borchard who invented computers with solid gold circuitry that could sense human emotions, left his creation in an area of Greendale sealed off in the 70s. Presuming that the gold might be enough to buy the school from the city, the study group go on a quest to find the treasure.



But they got more than they bargained for as a very hairy, and probably quite smelly, Russell is still living in harmony with his computer underneath the school. However, he still holds the key to their salvation as he admits to being the founder of the college and thus holder of the school contract that Subway would be in violation of.

In a moment of triumph of the small man over the giant corporation, the Subway tycoon is scared off by Russell shuffling towards him (he does look like a lost and senile homeless man) and the city are forced to leave Greendale to its own devices once again.

And so the series concludes: Jeff and Britta’s wedding is not-so-tearfully called off, the Dean will go back to mismanaging the school, and Annie can give herself a gold star for saving Greendale against all odds.

Yet what should be a happy and fulfilling moment for the audience has a tangy, bitter aftertaste, as although they’ve defeated one corporation, another corporation has still won out and signed the death sentence for Community.

So we’ll never know if Britta ever becomes a therapist, if Annie is as successful as she deserves, if Troy returns from his adventures a new man, if Jeff ever grows up, if Chang ever gets his memory back, if Shirley finds her true vocation and if Abed ever invents time travel/accesses parallel timelines. We can only wonder.

It’s been an incredible journey for the study group, and I’m sure you will all agree, it has been a pleasure to be invited along.

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