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Community Season 5, Episode 12 Recap

Community Season 5, Episode 12 Recap

‘Basic Story’

I stand corrected from last week’s review – this is the beginning of the end of Community.

In this, the first part of the final episode of the season, we join the study group in celebrating their greatest ever success – they have saved Greendale. And even though there’s an insurance appraiser coming to Greendale Community College the next day, no one needs to panic because there’s nothing to hide.

Of course, this means there’s no drama to be covered in this episode, which Abed struggles to come to terms with. What can he narrate if there’s no story? And if there is nothing to narrate, then what’s the purpose of his character? These are testing times for Abed, and he looks to be on the verge of an ultimate breakdown.

Community - Season 5

Thankfully, drama comes riding in on its white steed to save the day (and what’s left of Abed’s sanity) as the positive insurance appraisal results in the city selling the college to Subway. The company announces that it’s for their new Subway University venture, something which might seem ludicrous and which is presented as such until you remember that there’s a whole Mc-Alevel you can do – and I’m not talking about General Studies.

Anyway, the cast are left down-hearted as all their hard work to rescue Greendale has inadvertently lead to its destruction and they deal with it in their own ways.

In what has to be the worst idea, Britta and Jeff announce their engagement (although they would have beautiful babies), Annie refuses to accept the school’s death knoll and battles for a solution, the Dean has an embarrassing breakdown and Chang surprises absolutely no one by betraying them all and joining the dark side.

But there’s hope yet – is there buried treasure hidden under the school?

Probably. But we’ll find out next week.

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