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‘G.I. Jeff’


What was that?

From a country that doesn’t broadcast the rubbish that is G.I. Joe, the first 18 minutes of this episode probably made absolutely no sense to its British audience, so let me break it down for you.
community-season-5-episode-11Jeff is having a midlife crisis as he realises he’s turning 40, and instead of buying a motorbike or having a night at a strip club like most men, he decides to take a load of ‘age-defying’ Korean pills washed down with some scotch. Real mature Jeff.

Of course, rather than reduce his age, the cocktail puts him in hospital where he’s having some wacky delusions cast as the role of Wingman in G.I. Joe, presumably symbolising his escape back to his carefree childhood mind.

However, this was a dull episode that made very little sense – even in Community terms – and the cartoon story was pointless too.

Is this the beginning of the end of Community?

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