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Community Season 5, Episode 1 Recap

Community Season 5, Episode 1 Recap

‘Repilot’ – This recap does include spoilers.

What a disappointing start to the new season of Community. Not only has Pierce (Chevy Chase) been mysteriously killed off – having been not-so-subtly phased out towards the end of season 4 – but we’re about to lose Troy (Donald Glover) too, revealed in his whinging about Zach Braff and season 9 of Scrubs early in the episode.

Unsurprising, Jeff (Joel McHale) has got himself into another pickle in the world of legal work, leading us to wonder if maybe this lawyer stuff isn’t for him after all. In a desperate attempt to claw back some shreds of respect and the money he has recently lost, he gets involved with evil lawyer shark Alan and inadvertently brings the whole gang back together at Greendale.

© Justin Lubin/NBC/Sony
© Justin Lubin/NBC/Sony

Yet it seems that although they all left with promising futures, the group have all returned with a frustration at their own inadequate and unfulfilling lives. Predictably, by the end of this episode they have decided to do something about it, revealing how the writers have been furiously wracking their brains for a plausible premise to get the study group back together.

Although they’ve found a feeble excuse, I’m left marginally concerned about the fate of the rest of the series. We shall see.

Episode 2, Introduction to Teaching, airs on Sony Pictures Television at 10pm on April 17th.

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