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rustybelle - common courtesyReleased: 2013

Releasing their third full length album, Common Courtesy, Rusty Belle’s songs include a magnificent fusion of genres from country to rock and blues to 80s pop, creating a smoothie of liquid gold. Their music takes the listener on a journey to a happy place; thus forcing the feet into musical tapping and when you get into it a bit too much, a Grease movie inspired dance. There’s nothing not to like about this roots-rock/junk-folk trio.

Common Courtesy is the definition of simplicity. The first track, Sad Little Boys, is honest and whilst not containing any shockers, is full of humble words that are hard to dislike. Following on are similar tracks such as Words That Fit and When We Were Older, which hold just the right amount of emotion. Then we get Change My Heart and The Devil In Your Smile – here you’d feel a little guilty if you thought Rusty Belle wouldn’t get any better from the first two tracks, because trust me – they do. If these two songs were punches, I’d have a black eye… This band can give you attitude or be a ray of sunshine to your ear’s needs; they can also strip it down and give you a sense of vulnerability.

Voice with a charm like Alanis Morissette and quite an uncanny resemblance to 4 Non Blondes singer Linda Perry’s husky vocal, Kate Lorenz is not short on talent. With Zak Trojano and Mat Lorenz also not short of breath when it comes to singing, we have an all-singing band that perform hair raising harmonies. This is paralleled with just the right pinch of instrumentals and short but sweet guitar solos. Rusty Belle are living proof of antique records living on in modern society. “Like a musical patchwork quilt made from scraps of old, sewn with new thread…” – Correctly described by Vermont Musician.

Common Courtesy is released on September 10th, go on and give yourself a break from the mainstream auto-tune and settle for some classics. You’ll be pleased with yourself.


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