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Christmas 2016: 16 gifts for pop culture lovers

Christmas 2016: 16 gifts for pop culture lovers

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…and if you haven’t already bought your presents, we’re here to take the stress out of last-minute shopping.

Think of us as Santa’s little helpers.

Need something for the sibling who loves Star Wars? What about a gift for the friend who’s obsessed with Westworld?

From books and Blu-rays, to music and mugs, here’s 16 amazing gifts for the pop-culture lover in your life.

For Book Lovers:

The Secret Diary of Hendrik Groen, 83¼ Years Old, £9.99, AmazonFew characters this year have captured readers’ hearts as much as Hendrik Groen has.

An international bestseller and something of a phenomenon in the Netherlands, The Secret Diary of Hendrik Groen, 83 1/4 Years Old follows Holland’s most unlikely hero as he sets out to write an expose of a year in the life of his Amsterdam care home.

“Another year and I still don’t like old people”, Hendrik says, setting the tone for this humorous and heartening novel. Whether he’s talking about the woman he’s always pined after or the hilarious Old-But-Not-Dead Club he sets up, Hendrik entertains with his wit and charms with the earnestness of his story.

Not only is The Secret Diary of Hendrik Groen incredibly amusing, it’s also touching and extremely relevant.

Whether the recipient is 18 or 80, they’ll love this book.

Kindle Book Cover, £24.95, Not on the HighstreetIf you know someone who never leaves the house without their Kindle, these gorgeous eReader cases will make the perfect present.

Handcrafted to look like actual book covers, you can cho