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Chorus – Literature Review

Chorus – Literature Review

literature-chorus-albumReleased: August 2014

Those expecting War and Peace style epics and weighty literary tales will be sadly led down by Literature’s debut record, Chorus, and the album title should be renamed under the Trade Descriptions Act on account of its sincere lack of chorus hooks.

Indie pop-punk bands are always going to have a hard time trying to break out of that tired formula, and it takes real inventiveness to show some promise of something truly different. Sadly Literature have not managed that, and will be destined to remain the also-rans of the genre.

The record has been recorded using analogue gear, and as such makes for a charming and tidy sound, but what counts against them is the lack of songs. It sounds rushed together, and there is little to hold the listener’s attention.

Still, one thing they have going for them is their musicianship on the likes of Tie-Dye (Your Life) with, shock, actual guitar solos!

The reality is that there is very little to say about this album, largely because there is very little actually going on across its 11 tracks. A disappointing debut.


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