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Celebrating Ten Years of McFly!

Celebrating Ten Years of McFly!

McflyThe four fresh-faced teenagers who drove thousands of us wild with their catchy hit about an eccentric girl with multi-coloured hair were dismissed by many as talentless one-hit wonders. Far from being a mere bunch of pretty faces spewed out from a corporate boy band factory, McFly have achieved a hell of a lot more than people expected.

Now ten years into their career, the McFly lads have quite a few accomplishments to boast about: five albums, eighteen top-twenty singles, several sell-out tours, a Brit award, a movie, a Guinness World Record, a TV show, an online community, winning titles from reality TV competitions, a children’s book, an autobiography, and a wedding speech on YouTube with over ten million views. Their energetic sound has survived the ever-changing mainstream market and they are still giving us irresistibly good songs.

McFly have been influential to me since my primary school years. Their fun pop-rock tunes, cheeky personalities and immaculate faces sparked a new obsession, and my bedroom was practically re-decorated with posters of them (much to the dismay of my younger sister who also shared the room). Spending my bus fare on Smash Hits magazine simply to find out their favourite colours and what foods they enjoyed was the highlight of my week.

Soaring to fame instantly when they emerged onto the music scene did not swell their egos, and the boys remain humble, down-to-earth and funny, which is why their fanbase has stood firmly loyal. McFly are loved by their fans not only because they don’t take themselves too seriously, but because they have a song that suits every single mood, whether we want to dance around our bedrooms idiotically or curl up in bed and sulk. Most importantly, though, Tom, Dougie, Harry and Danny are great role models because they taught me and so many others to be proud of our secret nerdy obsessions, to follow our dreams and that it’s okay to be a bit weird.

The guys are currently in the studio recording album six and are performing some celebratory gigs next month for their big anniversary. Congratulations boys – and here’s to the next ten years!

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