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Cavity – Kuzin Review

Cavity – Kuzin Review

kuzin-cavityReleased: January 2015

First off, it’s probably a good thing to point out from the beginning that Kuzin, the solo moniker of Escondido’s Jessica Maros, is actually pronounced ‘cousin.’

Produced alongside Bill Reynolds of Band of Horses fame, Kuzin is essentially a raucous indie two-piece merging fuzzy guitar sounds and quirky choruses.

This debut release may sound like it was recorded in a toilet cubicle with knackered guitars which haven’t seen a new set of strings this side of the 21st Century, but it brings a rustic charm nonetheless.

The songs are short, and to the point, centering around the type of chorus refrain that the kids at Reading or Glastonbury will be waiting for.

The acoustic, yet strangely heavy opening one-two of Wildcard and Cavity set the tone pretty well, and it is only when Platonic Youth starts that some semblance of reigning it all in actually appears. But there is a tasty mix of styles at work here as the country-mariachi-pop of Take Another attests to.

There is some decent stuff on Cavity, and no doubt this break from the day job will allow Maros to stretch her wings a little bit. Here’s hoping it isn’t just a flash in the pan.


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