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Burn Together – Many Things Review

Burn Together – Many Things Review

many-things-burn-together-album-coverReleased: September 2015

Many Things released their debut album, Burn Together, on September 4, taking listeners on a voyage into the quirky and surreal.

Opening track Holy Fire is a slow starter with soft keys and subtle vocals to ease you in. A faster pace kicks in halfway through, with synths giving an edge to the first of eleven tracks on the album. It’s a powerful beginning, one that instantly makes the listener sit up and take note.

Dear One follows with strong vocals from frontman Michael Tomlinson, catchy melodies and an infectious 80’s feel. It’s the perfect track for pop lovers and a particular highlight on the album.

Tracks like Alpha Romeo, Burn Together and Chains give a fresh and lively flavour to the bold collection of songs, successfully taking listeners right back to their youth.

I Won’t Run Away on Love has a dramatic, sci-fi style opening but it feels misplaced and out of tune with the rest of the track list. Thankfully, Some Things Last Forever brings back that pure pop sound that Many Things excels at, combining catchy guitars and melodies to great effect.

With a long instrumental intro and an almost distant feeling, What We Are is the perfect song to close the album. As a listener you need to be open-minded before playing Burn Together; Many Things push boundaries in terms of experimenting with music and bringing back the good old genre of electro pop. It’s certainly not for everyone but it’s an enjoyable debut from a promising band that you can expect to hear good things from in the future.


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