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Burden EP – Worry Dolls Review

Burden EP – Worry Dolls Review

CD_PrintedSleeve.aiReleased: June 2015

With a sound so seeped in traditional folk and rootsy transatlantic country music, the revelation that Worry Dolls hail from London is something of a surprise.

But it just goes to show that it’s feel not location that is the true definer of genre, and Worry Dolls needn’t, ahem, worry, about critics of how authentic they might be – this band has talent by the bucketload.

Taking banjos and slide guitars and adding some British finesse to the traditional Americana sound makes for a joyously warming sensation on the ears across the four tracks that comprise Burden.

The opening two tunes Long Gone and Be So Cruel have hooks to die for and beautiful instrumentation, before Shaking In Our Boots jabs a finger at the non-believers with the lament, “Why don’t you tell it like it is?”

At 13 minutes long, Burden may be short, but leaves you wanting more and more, and should be a welcome appetizer for the May UK tour and plethora of summer festival slots that should be coming their way.


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