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Ekhohead are an exciting brother sister duo from deep South West Cornwall, comprising of Alyssa and Jethro Lynch. With Jethro bringing his modern experimental acoustic guitar skills and individual singing style combined with Alyssa’s beautiful violin and her harmonising vocals, it is an auditory orgasm.

This is their debut EP and it took them one afternoon to record, giving it a raw edge with a lot more atmosphere than most EPs. All four songs on the record are brilliant, a folk inspired music epiphany, taking folk in a new way with their thoughtful, poetic lyrics and extraordinary musical talent.

Having seen them live a few times now, they best show their talents in small venues and already have a following which is bound to grow as this emergent duo find their footing in the folk industry.

Breathe Out Ghosts can be found on the band’s website along with tour dates and contact information.


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