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Earlier this week Boomtown district, The Wild West, released its full line-up. Known for hosting an array of blue-grass, folk and world music, this year they’ve exceeded themselves with their choice of acts.

Those of you who are already citizens of Boomtown will know that The Wild West is a dangerous place to frequent as the street entertainment immerses you in shoot-outs, bar brawls and can-can dancers (all staged of course). Behave yourselves though or you could be put in the stocks!

The Old Mines is one of my favourite stages of all festivals; set in a wooded gully, cladded in corrugated iron and a wheel. It’s the favoured spot for Beans On Toast (this year is no different) where the crowd chills out and has a sit or lay down whilst listening to his husky vocals. Joining Beans this year is the legendary folk maestro Frank Turner, along with electro-folk threesome Alabama 3 and the beat boxing folk singer Newton Faulkner.

Those are the headliners, but what about the rest of the cowboys? Expect The Wurzels, Sheelanagig, Mad Dog Mcrea and Mbongwana Star (and many, many more)

The nearby saloon known as The Rusty Spurs have gathered a debauches bunch including Jim Jones and the Righteous Mind, Ferocious Dog (with their banjos and violins) and The Surfin Birds with their electro blues rock.

Crazy Calamities will bring you a giddy mash up of reggae, ska, hip-hop, funk and swing (the list goes on). Basically they cater for everything! This year they’re presenting the citizens with performances from The Iguanas – who are bound to get you dancing with their Latin blues fusion and The Tribe (a female fronted ska band).

The Wrong Side of The Tracks will also keep your spurs spinning into the early hours, with DJ sets from Dr Meaker, Phibes and Selector Spinach.

For tickets and to check out the full line-up go to the Boomtown website and stay posted for more announcements.

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