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From bestselling author Lisa Hall (Between You and Me), Tell Me No Lies is an unmissable turning of the screw thriller, where the reader is the detective, constantly trying to deduce the truth.

Pregnant Steph and her partner Mark are looking for a new start; new house, new area, new neighbours. Mark works away a lot and Steph is left on her own for much of the time. Then things begin to change. Dead posies start appearing and things start going missing. Is Steph slowly losing her mind? Is someone out to get her? Or is it her troubled past catching up with her?

Steph’s paranoia sets in and with each chapter the reader becomes more engrossed, the cogs constantly turning to try and suss out the mystery held within the tale. As a character, Steph is easy to relate to – she’s vulnerable and likeable, and has a lack of self-confidence that makes the reader care for her. The other characters in the book are equally well developed and convincing.

Within the first chapter I was hooked, always wanting to read on to discover what happens next. Each twist and turn of the story gripped me more and more, bringing enough emotion to raise me up and down, and make me laugh and cry.

Lisa Hall’s latest novel is a tale of trust, romance and therapy. If you liked The Girl on the Train, you’ll love this book. I highly recommend reading Tell Me No Lies, but maybe not if you’re home alone.


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