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Park Chan-Wook, the Korean director of Oldboy, Thirst and other acclaimed films, has signed on to direct an adaptation of the Japanese novel Genocidal Organ by Project Itoh, released in 2007. This sci-fi story follows an intelligence agent named Clavis Shepherd searching for the man responsible for the collapse of society in the aftermath of terrorist attacks.

In other books news:

A recently discovered Beatrix Potter tale, ‘The Tale of Kitty-in-Boots’, will be published soon to coincide with the beloved author and illustrator’s 150th anniversary. The ‘lost’ work had been started in 1914, before being discarded. Manuscripts were found in 2013 in the Beatrix Potter archive at the V&A Museum in London. The new story, however, will not feature illustrations by Potter, as her work on it was abandoned, so Quentin Blake (Roald Dahl’s frequent collaborator) has been commissioned to provide the images – somewhat controversially, some Potter fans may suggest, since Blake’s drawings are wholly unlike Potter’s own treasured style.

A crowdfunding campaign has been launched by the documentary filmmaker Arwen Curry to help her complete her film about the legendary science fiction and fantasy writer Ursula K Le Guin (Earthsea series, The Left Hand of Darkness). Curry’s project has been ongoing for the past seven years, with hours of footage compiled, including interviews with other famous authors such as Neil Gaiman and Margaret Atwood, in her exploration of the author’s life. Curry was awarded a grant for the film, but these funds will only be released once the production budget has been finally reached – so the project still needs $80,000, a goal hoped to be reached via Kickstarter.

Fans of Star Wars can now read an excerpt of the latest novel. Star Wars: Bloodline will follow Leia Organa and is a follow-up to the earlier book, the Force Awakens film tie-in, that was released in September 2015. The story centres on Leia’s role in the Republic in the years after the fall of Darth Vader and Emperor Palpatine’s Empire, and how she becomes the General we see in the new film. You can read the exclusive extract here.

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