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In a surprise announcement this week, Philip Pullman revealed that a sequel to his highly successful children’s epic fantasy trilogy His Dark Materials – a story that dazzled readers seventeen years ago with the first novel Northern Lights and continues to inspire children’s and YA fiction today – is in the works. The Book of Dust will be released in October and will pick up on the story of Lyra and the investigation into the dark matter known as ‘dust’.

In other book news:

Neil Gaiman has announced he will be publishing a sequel to his beloved novel Neverwhere, set in London in a magical world beyond our reality, named London Below, full of supernatural beings, angels and other fantastical creatures. The Seven Sisters will follow Gaiman’s 1996 novel, but is still in the early writing stages and has yet to have a release date (according to Gaiman’s Twitter).

The Carnegie and Kate Greenaway awards for 2017 now have longlists. However, the nominee lists have caused controversy for a startling lack of diversity – there are no BAME authors included in the twenty-strong list.

Finally, the HBO miniseries adaptation of the award-winning non-fiction book The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks, starring Oprah Winfrey and Rose Byrne, now has a trailer. Watch it below.


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