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Marvel comics came up against uproar last week from people criticizing one of the company’s latest variant covers. An Iron Man cover depicting teenage (15-year-old) character Riri Williams in a crop top in her dorm room (ahead of her peers, she’s a genius engineer studying at MIT) was brought under attack for deliberately sexualising her image. This cover has now been withdrawn and replaced. The original cover still stands, as it shows Riri in her Iron Man armour.

In other book news:

Last week, the main news in the world of literature was the announcement that Bob Dylan had won the Nobel Prize in Literature. This week, there has been some continued bafflement over the awarding of the prize, as Dylan himself has still not acknowledged the win, nor commented upon it. To some, this has caused minor outrage, as it has been perceived by some members of the Swedish Academy as an act of arrogance by Dylan.

Sad news emerged from the comic book industry this week, as Steve Dillon, the acclaimed British artist well-known for his work on successful series such as Preacher and The Punisher, died aged 54.

Literary Hub published an essay by Booker Prize-winner Marlon James at the end of last week, and it is well worth your time to read. Titled ‘Why I’m Done Talking About Diversity’, the writer demands that now is the time for action, not more talk, if we truly want a fairer society: ‘we too often mistake discussing diversity with doing anything constructive about it.’

madd-addam-coverWord is that the forthcoming HBO adaptation of Margaret Atwood’s MaddAddam, a project by director Darren Aronofsky, is no longer going ahead – or, at least, is now without a home. HBO has decided not to continue with the series, which had been written as a ten-episode production.

The film version of the 1962 fantasy book A Wrinkle in Time now has more cast members announced. Gugu Mbatha-Raw (Beyond the Lights, and recently in the new series of Black Mirror) will play Dr Kate Murray, the mother of protagonist Meg.

Also in literary-related movie news, Jennifer Lawrence is all set to play Zelda Fitzgerald – famous early twentieth-century socialite and wife of The Great Gatsby’s F. Scott Fitzgerald – in a new film by Ron Howard.

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