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Actress Emma Watson, who has become increasingly notable in recent years as a UN ambassador and spokesperson for equality campaigns – particularly the He for She campaign in 2014 – has, as of 7 January, started a feminist book club on Goodreads. The first title selected for ‘Our Shared Shelf’ (the book club’s name) is Gloria Steinem’s memoir My Life on the Road, and a new book will be chosen each month.our-shared-shelf-emma-watson-quoteIn other book news: 

Want to know about all the exciting books to look out for in 2016? A selection of 50 have been listed by the Flavorwire staff; 10 chosen by Esquire; The Millions have now put out their annual list of most anticipated fiction titles (93 in total!); The Guardian reveal the debut fiction writers to watch this year

Fans have petitioned to name a new chemical element (117) in honour of Terry Pratchett, by calling it after the author’s colour of magic: Octarine. In Pratchett’s stories, Octarine is a colour visible only to wizards and cats. Dr Kat Day, a chemist, started the idea to name the element after Pratchett’s famous magical colour – to be pronounced ‘ook’ – and her petition has now reached close to 20,000 signatures.

The online campaign #DiverseDecember, created in response to the lack of writers of colour chosen by the World Book Night selection, was so popular that the decision has been made to expand it for the rest of the year. The extended campaign is now titled #ReadDiverse2016 and is a celebration of writers of colour, writers from the LGBT community and writers who are differently abled.

A deal has been agreed between Lauren Oliver (the author of the YA Delirium series and the popular novel Before I Fall) and publishing house Hodder & Stoughton. Oliver is set to release two new books; the first of which, Replica, follows a clone, Lyra, born in a secret research facility, who escapes and sets off on an adventure with a mysterious stranger. It is due out in October.

One exciting new release for UK readers this week is the award-winning author China Mieville’s This Census-Taker, which is out 12 January.

Elsewhere in Europe, Germany has had a rather controversial book release. Mein Kampf, Adolf Hitler’s manifesto for his National Socialist policies, was last week allowed to go on sale again after being banned from being sold in the country for decades.

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