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Book News Roundup: Bob Dylan awarded Nobel Prize for Literature

nobel-prize-bob-dylan-02In the biggest book news of the week, music legend Bob Dylan was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature, the first musician to do so. By making this decision, the Swedish Academy have pushed the limits of literature as it is typically known, to include song lyrics alongside poetry and novel writing. The choice of winner has been mainly well received, although some have questioned the granting of the Nobel prize for songwriting rather than for a traditional literary form.

In other book news:

Viet Thanh Nguyen was awarded the Dayton Peace Prize for his novel The Sympathizer, about a double agent in the Vietnam War, and which won the prestigious Pulitzer earlier this year.

Shirley Jackson’s short story ‘The Lottery’, the classic horror tale first published seventy years ago, is to return in graphic novel form, courtesy of Jackson’s illustrator grandson Miles Hyman. The original story follows the inhabitants of a town as they prepare for the yearly ‘lottery’, a tense, mysterious and twisted affair.

The Future Library, an art project in which 100 authors will be writing works to be left entirely unread and unpublished for a century (to be revealed in 2114), has just recruited its third contributor. The Icelandic writer Sjón will join Margaret Atwood and David Mitchell in providing the manuscript of a story to the project.

American debut author Bill Beverly won the UK’s gold dagger award at the Crime Writer’s Association last week. His book Dodgers follows a member of an underworld drug enterprise in LA who is sent to kill a judge in Wisconsin.

Trainspotting author Irvine Welsh is adapting his novel Crime for a television series. The book features an Edinburgh detective who winds up in trouble with corrupt police during a trip to Florida. Dougray Scott has signed up to play the lead character in the six-hour series.

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