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To celebrate twenty years of Harry Potter dominance, publishers Bloomsbury will be staging a year-long campaign of Potter-related events. The first Harry Potter novel was published 26 June 1997 (with an initial, tiny-by-comparison print run of a mere 500 copies). Bloomsbury will honour this anniversary by releasing special Hogwarts House Editions of the Philosopher’s Stone, meaning you can get your hands on copies with Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw shields adorning the jackets, as well as additional bits of content. October 2017 will also see a new exhibition launched at the British Library, dedicated to the magical world of Harry Potter – the first ever exhibition by the Library devoted to a single book series by a living author.

More Philosopher’s Stone excitement has emerged elsewhere, as a report by The Independent has revealed that a small text error in a single copy of the first print edition of the book (the initial 500 hardback copies) means that that particular book could be worth a staggering £26,000. The error is the accidental repetition of ‘1 wand’ in Harry’s list of school supplies. The copy will be sold by Bonhams in November.

In other book news: 

Brave New World, Aldous Huxley’s 1930s science fiction novel, is to be adapted for television (for the Syfy network) by comics giant Grant Morrison and Brian Taylor. Huxley’s story is set in our future, in 2540, in a time when humanity is artificially bred, and people are born into different classes that determine their social mobility, physical attributes and more.

Cressida Cowell, the author behind the massively popular How to Train your Dragon, has become the BookTrust’s new Writer in Residence, a position she will hold at the charity for the next six months.

The Cheltenham Literary Festival has announced its line-up for this year’s events. Authors in attendance will include Ian McEwan, Lionel Shriver and Jonathan Safran Foer, and the film director Oliver Stone will also be participating. The full schedule of talks and sessions is available at the festival website.

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