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the-secret-life-of-adrian-moleSue Townsend, most popularly known as the author of the beloved and bestselling Adrian Mole series, has sadly passed away at the age of 68. The author of the successful series about teenager Adrian, which began with The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole, Aged 13 3/4, suffered a stroke.  Townsend had had illnesses since the 1990s, including problems with her kidney, and at the time of her death was legally registered as blind. A number of writers – her contemporaries and those she inspired with her works – have expressed their sadness at her death and have offered their praise regarding the influence Townsend had on YA fiction today.

Anthony Horowitz has penned a new Sherlock Holmes story – Moriarty – set in the days following the dual deaths of Moriarty and Sherlock at Switzerland’s Reichenbach Falls. Horowitz recently added The House of Silk to the Holmes canon, which was an early investigation of the famous sleuth recounted by an elderly Watson. With a title like Moriarty this new novel will, presumably, be bringing some characters back from the dead. Or if not, it will at least be raising a few questions alongside trying to solve those burning queries.

The Guardian has planned a new monthly prize to bring attention to self-published ‘DIY’ novels and independent authors. This will be the first of its kind to be backed by a national newspaper.

Ever wondered where in George R R Martin’s Westeros you would live? Well, a bunch of clever infographers have worked out the real-life equivalents for areas of the Seven Kingdoms, in an attempt to discover the actual value and location for the Red Keep of King’s Landing. In the Infographic produced it turns out that if Westeros were Europe, the Westerlands (the small though vastly wealthy area ruled by the Lannisters) would be Britain. So Buckingham Palace is Casterly Rock? And we Brits would live in a land governed by a mighty, immensely rich family, arguably in power due to wealth and political machinations rather than merit. The Red Keep on the other hand would be found in Rome, Italy. Check out the full-length infographic below.

The Red Keep Valuation

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