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Rome based Indie games studio GhostShark games has announced that their voxel based player vs player FPS, BlockStorm, is now available on Steam Early Access.
blockstorm-stillBlockStorm is a first-person shooter set in a world created entirely of destructible blocks. The game will feature 3 different game modes: Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch and Assault. Weapons available in-game range from precision rifles to heavy machine guns or even explosives capable of bringing down buildings, destroying any of those pesky camper hiding spots.

“You can build anything and everything in BlockStorm, and best of all, it CAN & WILL be destroyed!”

With the use of the in-game editor, players are able to create maps and characters from the ground up or customise existing ones in the game. These creations can then be shared online with other players to test out and customise themselves.

The editor also allows for players to customise gameplay, configuring features such as which weapons and load outs are available to players on the maps they have created.

“BlockStorm is our first commercial production and we hope you will appreciate our efforts”, said Davide Barbieri, Game director at GhostShark Games. “BlockStorm will be available on Steam Early Access and this means that the game will change as you play. Based on your feedback, we will update, add content and ultimately evolve. It’ll remain in development until we feel the community believes the game is ready for a full commercial release.”

Although the official Steam store page for BlockStorm is not yet open, the game is available via the BlockStorm Website, where players can purchase an Early Access Steam Key, as well as receive the official BlockStorm Soundtrack.

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