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Black Alley at Milo – Live At Leeds Review

Black Alley at Milo – Live At Leeds Review


Kicking off our Live at Leeds experience in the upstairs of Milo’s in the city centre was angsty three-piece alternative rock band Black Alley. The lead singer, clad in a leather jacket and casting a smoldering sultry look across the busy room, had notes of Paramore’s Hayley in her fantastically controlled voice. However, although she was clearly channeling her pent up anger into her fiery singing, anything she said between songs also sounded surly which made her come across as excessively grumpy considering she was supposed to be playing a festival.

Although Black Alley mostly played their own rock music of varying heaviness, their version of House of the Rising Sun (originally by the Animals) was the most memorable moment of their set – probably not what they were aiming for.

Added to this that the ceiling of the bar has (for some inexplicable reason) been made of very shiny tin metal, it was a bit like watching them play in a submarine, and their sound was not dissimilar to some angry teenagers playing in their parents’ garage.

Having said all of that, seeing a lesser-known band was a good introduction to the festival and hinted at some of the other gigs that were in store.


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  • I thought these guys were ace! Bit more crowd interaction would’ve been nice but a really good new band in my opinion 🙂

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