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4PAN1TReleased: 2013

Nothing puts you in a good mood more than bouncy, beat-filled music and Biography of Heartbreak by This Century is the medicine you need after a long day in the office. So kick off the shirt and tie and get your dancing shoes on because this album is sure to get you groovin’.

Formed back in 2007, Arizona’s This Century have built up a good following with their anthem pop sound not dissimilar to once-upon-a-time pop-rock favourites Good Charlotte. It’s an infectious concoction of straight pop songs such as Bleach Blonde and Tip Toe, and those that have a rockier edge but fail to ever make the leap, Fool’s Game that’s you.

Lead single Slow Dance Night feels like an instant chart topper, with it’s high-production, foot-tapping goodness. There’s a bit of a Jonas Bros/Ke$sha vibe to the song, with a little Maroon 5 thrown into the mix. The catchiness of the single ensures that it’s probably the best the band have to offer and you can understand why they chose this as the opening to their second album.

As with the nature of pop-rock, a few of the songs are instantly forgettable after one listen and there’s not a huge amount to persuade you to give them another shot. The title track and Love Killer unfortunately both fall short and sound like something the Backstreet Boys cooked up in the 90s, but there’s no doubt that pop-addicts will love them.

After checking out the band’s cover of One Direction’s Rock Me (which you can find on youtube), the question of whether the band would be better suited to more stripped down, acoustic songs is one that hangs over Biography of Heartbreak like a dark cloud. It’s clear the band are talented and great things could – and should – be on the horizon, you just wonder if they’ve settled on their own sound yet.

Variety is kept to a modest minimum but This Century have a set genre and they stick to it admirably. It’s certainly not everyone’s cup of tea and music purists might be frantically fighting to get those ear plugs secure for fear of their ears bursting into flames, but it’s fun pop-rock. It does what it says on the tin and it makes you want to grab the hipster next to you and dance – there ain’t nothing wrong with that!

Biography of Heartbreak is out now. Go buy it and party til your heart’s content.


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