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The Big Reunion Series 2 Recap – Will There Be A Series 3?

The Big Reunion Series 2 Recap – Will There Be A Series 3?

the-big-reunionWe witnessed the harsh and merciless nature of the music industry in last year’s series of The Big Reunion, but this year’s groups particularly highlighted the devastating effects fame (and the loss of it) can have on someone’s life.

Girl Thing were unceremoniously dropped after two singles for not living up to the hype Simon Cowell created around them, leaving them to cope with a drastic change in their lives. Linzi especially appears to have struggled to return to normality after the band’s demise, unable to deal with Girl Thing’s failure and turning to alcohol to escape. Tragically, so many of the ex-band members from both seasons of the show have shared similar stories of being unable to rebuild their lives after the sudden end of an exciting experience. The show may be cheesy and sentimental, but the insight into the pressures of a hugely demanding industry is very eye-opening indeed.

Unfortunately, there was a great deal of lows throughout this series. Damage could not make peace and patch things up, resulting in Coreé departing from the band again. This is a shame considering the guys have known each other for such a long time. However, among all the gloomy trips down memory lane and the difficult reconciliations, the bands overall seemed to enjoy their time on the show. One of the high points of series two was listening to some of the group members expressing gratitude about being given a second chance to relive some of their success and being able to gain some closure on their old pop careers. 5th Story, the project created specifically for the show, were not a total flop as many viewers expected, but it doesn’t seem likely that they will stay together for very long.

The line-up this year was less exciting than some of the big names we saw last year, but the series still provided plenty of nostalgia and heaps of laughs. It will certainly be interesting to see whether ITV2 decide to commission a third series of the show – are there any more old-school pop groups that haven’t already reformed?!

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