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The Big Reunion Series 2, Episode 1 Review

The Big Reunion Series 2, Episode 1 Review

the-big-reunion-series-2-damageThe first series of The Big Reunion achieved unprecedented success with two nationwide arena tours and a Christmas charity single. Now the next batch of pop veterans is ready to emerge and reconcile old differences, and it’s already evident from season two’s opening episode that there are tensions within the bands that are far from resolved. This year’s line-up consists of Damage, Girl Thing, 3T, Eternal, A1 and 5th Story. If you’re wondering who the heck 5th Story are, you’re not alone. In a bid to spice things up a bit (or because they couldn’t find anyone else to do the show), ITV2 decided to create a makeshift band using both solo popstars and ex-band members: Dane Bowers (formerly from Another Level), Kenzie (of Blazin’ Squad), Kavana, Adam Rickitt and Gareth Gates. It will be interesting to see how this project turns out.

Last night’s episode focused on R&B stars Damage and short-lived sensation Girl Thing (their career barely lasted for two singles). Damage are a group of school mates famous for hits such as Love II Love and Forever. Their success in the 90s resulted in swelled egos and bad attitudes, and they openly spoke of their partying lifestyles. However, Coree became more attached to the rockstar lifestyle than his band mates and he subsequently stormed out of the band, leaving his friends financially struggling. The boys clearly still have resentful feelings towards each other and some rather aggressive messages were exchanged on the show.

Girl Thing, on the other hand, had no long-lasting friendship or successful career to boast of (I had never even heard of them until now). A bitter Simon Cowell formed the band to try to compete with the Spice Girls and splashed out on a huge advertising campaign for his new project, anticipating that Girl Thing would top the charts. Much to his disappointment, their debut single Last One Standing reached number 8, creating tension between the girls. Their high hopes for their single Pure and Simple were crushed when the management decided to give the single to Hear’Say instead, and the group disbanded after several heated arguments. Like Damage, they ended on a bad note and there is lingering animosity between the members.

It seems as though there is a lot of drama on the horizon, making The Big Reunion’s return look very promising indeed. Next week’s episode cannot come quickly enough!

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