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Beyonce – Mrs Carter World Tour Live At Manchester Arena

Beyonce – Mrs Carter World Tour Live At Manchester Arena

beyonce - mrs carter tourBeyonce hit Manchester this week with the Mrs Carter World Tour putting on a spectacular show as always. After performing at the Superbowl back in February and blowing the audiences away with her stunning dancing, singing and visual screens, everyone wanted to see the Queen B in person. I tried for three days to get tickets for her tour and finally got my hands on them after they sold out nationwide in less than two minutes. Reports show that the amount of people trying to purchase tickets could sell out the O2 arena, in London, 160 times over. Pretty impressive eh? Obviously this caused a lot of disappointment with real fans not being able to purchase tickets as touts were buying them to sell on for a profit, and a high profit at that. The only thing left to do now was to wait the 3 months till the concert.

The opening of the tour is a moment I will never forget. The arena went pitch dark, the only light being seen was the flashing bunny ears that some of the crowd were wearing. A moving visual screen that was used throughout the concert glowed white and showed B walking towards a crown with a drumming noise like someone important was entering the room, which was true. My heart was beating as hard as the drumming noise waiting in anticipation for the lady herself to appear on stage. She shot up on stage and the drumming noise turned into Run The World, one of Beyonce’s most popular songs back in 2011 and still to this day. She wore a white dress, to match the visual background, and had everyone in the arena dancing within seconds.

The choreography throughout the whole concert was impressive and matched the moving visual screen that incorporated part of the sequence as well, especially Baby Boy. It was extremely hard to take your eyes of the queen as she stunned the audience, even with her slow, ballad songs. She performed songs from all four albums including Crazy In Love and Diva, with a special performance of her rumoured new single, Grown Woman.

Half way through the concert, B flew across the audience on rope, yes literally, to a stage at the other end of the arena and performed hits like Irreplaceable and Love On Top while encouraging the audience to sing with her. She moved onto Survivor, a song that was extremely popular when she was part of Destiny’s Child and made everyone fist-pump the air continuously throughout the song saying they are survivors. The fact that I managed to survive the concert without passing out from all the dancing and heat is a mystery.

The finale of the concert was extremely moving. She sang a cover of I Will Always Love You and said, “We miss you Whitney” before moving onto Halo, which ended the concert on a natural high. She thanked the crowd before saying, “Manchester has the craziest crowds.” She got that right.

Beyonce belted out her songs throughout the entire concert and performed intense dance routines. She is truly one of the most talented singers in the world and even though the tickets were priced quite high, she deserved every penny. Fans are looking forward to the fifth album, which is rumoured to be released after she finishes the current tour and hopefully a new tour in the near future.

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