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Between Dogs and Wolves – Piers Faccini

Between Dogs and Wolves – Piers Faccini

piers-faccini-between-dogs-and-wolvesReleased: 2013

Piers Faccini is a storyteller. That normally sets a good singer-songwriter apart from everyone else – can they tell a story? For Faccini that is most definitely a yes.

Connoisseurs of romantic music about love and strife will find lots to smile about here. Taking a charming European rural influence and mixing it with more conventional folk artists like Nick Drake, Piers Faccini creates a sound you just want to get lost in.

It’s music to watch the stars with. It’s the soundtrack to sitting in a warm candlelit coffee shop on a cold winter’s evening. It’s music to hold a lover’s hand with. Black Rose is a suitably atmospheric tune to open the record and when the soaring guitar strums of Missing Words rise in an epic swathe of majesty, the irony of just how much I could say about this album becomes apparent.

Faccini’s voice is soothing and melancholic, and when the low rumbles of his world weary vocal chords murmur their story of woe on Like Water Like Stone it all becomes very serious. Faccini’s sound is like a cross between early career Ben Harper and Nick Drake, although not as dissonant as the latter.

Listening to this record it comes as no surprise that his native French landscape has had a significant influence on his sound. Indeed the title of the record is a traditional French description of twilight: ‘entre chien et loup’, or between dogs and wolves.

Faccini could be the natural successor to Nick Drake, his vocal credentials certainly live up to the hype, and with a musical accompaniment which includes some sparse piano flourishes in the vein of Hurt era Johnny Cash and simple string arrangements, it is twilight music for lovers young and old. What Between Dogs And Wolves achieves, which is becoming increasingly rare, is that wonderful feeling of intimacy; just you with one man voice’s but one that can speak to everyone. Sublime.


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