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There is, funnily enough, plenty of joy to be found in this trailer for a film about a down-on-his-luck nobody who veers into fantasy as an escape from his humdrum life. Here this concept, that so obviously mirrors the magic of film (the ironic sterility of ‘LIFE’ versus the fantastic potential of the imagination), is presented through Ben Stiller’s protagonist’s cinema-inspired adventures: a brave explorer bracing the arctic weather; two enemies falling mid-fight out of a high-rise window.

Making a great trailer is that all important first step in creating excitement and anticipation for an upcoming movie. An advantage to being oversaturated with the same trailers for action movies/ rom-coms/ sci-fi epics again and again means that you can still sometimes be surprised when a quirky gem like this comes along. Not to sound too gushy here, although the trailer certainly hits the right emotional notes (literally, thanks to music by Icelandic Indie-Pop band Of Monsters and Men), but it looks like Stiller has managed to create another intriguingly whimsical film about generational angst. Being a big fan of Stiller’s debut Reality Bites (1994) and one of the greatest comedy films about male modelling meets political assassination in recent cinematic history, Zoolander, I already know I want to see this one, but the trailer certainly reinforces that decision. Having Kristen Wiig as the love interest and Patton Oswalt co-starring also heightens the interest levels.

Trailer highlights include: Stiller getting hit in the face by a branch at one point, and Sean Penn seductively cocking his finger at us. Plus, Adam Scott sporting quite the bearded look – like I said, intriguing.

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