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So we’ve finally caught the first glimpse of Anthony and Joe Russo’s sequel to Captain America. I have to say the first one didn’t quite hit the spot but the trailer for The Winter Soldier already has me anticipating more.

What questions can we look at in regards to this trailer then? For starters did anyone else notice that Nick Fury’s car was blown to smithereens? If the fearful leader is potentially struggling to defeat this opposition does that suggest Cap is now facing his most deadly enemy? What did we all think of Anthony Mackie’s Falcon? Did his leap into the air, wings exploding sequence have you jumping from the seats? It did me.

So far from the trailer we can sense Cap is still full of his usual quips but also threatening to break free from his constraints in order to triumph. Was it Nick Fury holding him back all along? Cap questioned many of Fury’s tactics in The Avengers, so has the time come now for him to go at it alone? Throughout this trailer he has plenty to question and all about the way in which the organisation are dealing with their missions. Which corporation? What missions? Who are they protecting?

We’re also treated to a fair bit of Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow. Rumour has it her and Cap may start something of a relationship…this trailer doesn’t suggest either way. It only adds to the intrigue for next March.

We’ve seen Cap, Falcon, Fury, Widow but we also had a slight taste of Robert Redford’s Alexander Pierce. Could he be the man behind the destruction? His smarmy portrayal of the character has us guessing that thus far. We also saw the man dishing out the damage in Bucky Barnes/Winter Soldier, Steve Rogers’ former friend. Is he working for someone or on his own accord? There was also a small appearance of Frank Grillo’s Brock Rumlow. Whether he is Rumlow or Crossbones in this brief appearance remains to be seen but it was good to get his face on there. He also had possibly the best line in response to Cap’s flight with no parachute.

Corporate corruption could well be on the menu here and we also have enemies so cool they move out of the way of flying cars without even sweating. This is the Captain America that we have been waiting for. Roll on March 2014.

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