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Beauty In Disrepair – Emerson Hart Review

Beauty In Disrepair – Emerson Hart Review

beauty-in-disrepairReleased: 2014

What do Bon Jovi, Train and Gavin DeGraw all have in common? They can write a hell of a chorus hook. Now with album number two, add Emerson Hart to that list.

The former lead singer of Tonic has broken free and released his second batch of commercial, radio friendly tunes, Beauty In Disrepair, and it sees the honey-throated vocalist in a reflective mood.

Soaking in the theme of his father’s disappearance and murder, there is an underlying poignancy that elevates this to more than just a vanity-driven charge of money-grabbing radio rock. This is the best therapy you will hear for a damaged soul and it sounds like soaring choruses, epic power chords and monumental sing-alongs.

Beauty In Disrepair is an apt title for a man who appears to be unravelling his soul with every note played, none more evident than on the lead single Best That I Can Give. If it doesn’t crack the upper echelons of the charts then there is no justice.

Walking the line between country rock and pop just right, fans from both camps will find much to enjoy across the 12 tracks, including the lighter-waving To Be Young and the rousing Mostly Grey.

It is not as upbeat as one would expect given the genre in which he operates in, but there is a poignancy and unadulterated devotion to writing from the heart that is unrivalled so far this year.

Beauty In Disrepair is well worth parting your cash for, and will be a long player well into the Summer. With an upcoming tour with Tonic on going, any chance of hearing this material on the road doesn’t seem to be on the cards at the moment, but the opportunity to hear You Know Who I Am and Best That I Can Give on the road will be tempting to him I am sure. More satisfying than a bath of liquid gold, this is a must have.


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