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Bang! Bang! EP – Iwan Rheon

Bang! Bang! EP – Iwan Rheon

Iwan_Rheon_BangBang_EPReleased: 2013

You may recognise the stubbly, tousle-haired actor Iwan Rheon from TV shows like Misfits, Game of Thrones and Vicious. Little did we know, acting isn’t the only trick the Olivier award winner has up his sleeve.

The introductory track to his third EP tells a charming tale of the unfortunate clumsiness we experience when we really fancy someone. Iwan’s gravelly voice positively purrs throughout the song – the calm and serene mood is cemented with the light guitar chords. The lyrics are so dorky that they’re almost comical: “I looked across the room and you were staring straight at me / I spilt some coffee and I showed you / You’re beautiful, you see.

In Pick Pocket and Your Soul we hear a more folky element to his sound and the slightly upbeat and gently melodic songs continue the sunny, chirpy theme. You Are in Me carries a relatively more melancholy sound however, and the softer, lower notes in Iwan’s vocal range almost reveal a fragile side to the otherwise confident EP.

All four tracks feature little more than him singing alongside his guitar, giving it an earthy, honest vibe. His musical style has a soothing, sing-you-to-sleep effect and completely lacks self-consciousness, making it very captivating to listen.

Bang! Bang! is available now on iTunes.



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