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July’s band of the month comes from the genre dodging sultry sounds of Vodelpark. Surrey boys Lewis Rainsbury, Alex Bailey and Matt Law combine a mix of RnB vibes with smooth guitar riffs, worthy of any James Blake, Sade or XX comparison. Their organic blend of bass, soul and impressionistic beats creates a mature and modern incarnation of their influences such as Barry White, Herby Hancock and Dexter Wansal. Imagine Summers finest pink filtered sunsets and hazy twilight mornings, Vodelpark personify this with their sense of dream like atmospheric.

Formed in 2010, it’s hard to believe the band started out as a My Bloody Valentine-esque collection of noise. After experimenting with different textures and tones the band acquired a new approach and a lot of welcome attention. Commonly known for their techno/bass indie/electronic floor fillers, R&S records signed Vondelpark and have since released three impressive EP’s from the band, each with notable progression.

After releasing their debut album Seabed in April this year, Vondelpark are leaving their laptops behind and fully embracing the live circuit with plenty of festival bookings around the UK and Europe such as Beacons Festival and Lowlands Festival.

Vondelpark belong to a sonic world of melancholy grooves and bouncing bass-riffs so let them create the perfect soundtrack to your summer nostalgia.


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