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Matthew Van Asselt understands how life works him. On Significant Weather, his new album as Real Life Buildings, some may even perceive him to be too self-assured. Not aiding a diversion of opinion, Van Asselt positions his vocals high above the outstanding indie clamour that surrounds him. Yet further listens begin to grant sense to the intent, as with each approaching verse there is revealed a consciousness present in Van Asselt, one that speaks to those as socially inept and self-dubious as he. A voice as much dying to be heard as it is determined to console.

So, when he croons things like, “If it wasn’t for Instagram I probably never would have known that the sun ever came up today”, or, “Trial and error seems inefficient. There are too many projects I’d like to work on”, the reception is entirely palpable, particularly for anybody also daring the same self-sufficient creative lifestyle. By way of manner the execution feels impulsive, sure, but in the absence of any fine-tuning or sugar-coating Van Asselt’s various quips tend to say so much more taken as plainly as they are. It’s refreshing, via route of morbid curiosity, to witness an individual lay out, untarnished, that they’ve been anxious to get off their chest and, in return, catch a glimpse of them rediscovering some peace with the world,

He’s not alone in tracking help to get him there, either. With Significant Weather Van Asselt brings aboard Laetitia Tamko – aka Vagabon – and Crying’s Elaiza Santos, each who, as well as contributing guitars and keys respectively, provide backing vocals on a majority of the songs here. Their highs prove sobering and level out his meandering low end, a loaded metaphor affirming that the speediest road to recovery is always the one you take with those willing to lend the hand.

Significant Weather is out now on Lauren Records

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